1990+GST upfront fee - no more to pay

1990+GST upfront fee - no more to pay

Shortlist Campaign Included Services

Ad writing

Take the hassle and uncertainty out of writing your Ad.

We write perfect Ads that rank highly and attract talent.

We know the information quality candidates like to see and we know how to get them to view it.

Our AdBuilder prompts you for all the information we need to produce a quality ad.


Advertise everywhere. We cover the entire Job board advertising market – including SEEK of course – with multiple posting rounds.

A round of advertising is the job Ad posted to all job boards. Views and response rates are monitored and the next round is posted when the application rate falls.


Expand the potential talent pool for your role beyond just advertising.

We search every major online candidate database including SEEK & LinkedIn and inform all matching prospects of your job opportunity.


Expand the potential talent pool for your role beyond just advertising.

We advertise and promote your role on LinkedIn – reaching out to people that best match with your role.


We contact all applicants and assess them against your key criteria, making it easy to compare and rank applicants into a shortlist.

You have access to more relevant information than can be derived from resumes alone.


Your personalised Recruitment Shortlisting Dashboard identifies the best potential employees for your role.

Matches with your key criteria are highlighted, making it easy to compare, filter and rank applicants into a shortlist without you having to read every resume.

Employee Guarantee

If the person you employ leaves or is let go for any reason within 3 months of the Shortlist Campaign commence date, we will repeat the same campaign.

$1000 guarantee

When you hire someone there’s no more to pay – no expensive success fees.

After ​28 days​​, if you haven’t hired anyone – or aren’t considering hiring anyone – you can cancel the campaign and get $1,000+GST back or you can continue with our service and we will work on your vacancy for​ another 28 days​​​​​.